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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 AIR: Planes SEA: SEA MINES LAND: TANKS (AKA "LITTLE WILLE") o First time use to deliver bombs and spyingo Later became a fighter aircraft with machine guns, bombs, and cannonso Types of planes (only a few): AEG C.IVGerman aircraft that was twin seatedAeromarine 39Created 1916American made Twin seatAeromarine 40Two seat flying boat by the American Navy o Little Wille was the smallest and 3 people max could operateFirst to be madeMax speed was 3mphCould NOT cross trenchesBattle of SommeDeveloped to cope with conditions of the western front with the barbed wire o Carried by submarinesWould carry mines instead of torpedoeso Germany let 43000 mines lose in the sea and sunk 44 royal navy ships and 497 merchant ships ("World War One- Weapons", 2014)o In 1918 U.S Naval Squadron enforced blockade of Germans and laid a mine field as deep as a submarine can go ("World War One- Weapons", 2014). Four U-boats were sunk Stretched 245 miles by 35 miles Modern Warfare of World War I Bristol F.2 British aircraftServed for decades (World War 1- interwar years)Two-man crewWas the best two-seat fighter after the warAlbatros B.IIBiplaneUsed early years of the warGerman made References:"World War One- Weapons"8/17/2014 Retrieved from"World War 1 Weapons 1914-1918" (N.D) retrieved from (, ND) ("Airplanes of World War One" Stephen Sherman, ND) ("Moored-contact" ND)
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