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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The low cost, direct path and highattention rate achieved via mobile marketing sees increased revenues and a ROI for businesses simply not achievable with existing marketing methods. Building relationships with yourcustomers is essential to long termsuccess.Mobile marketing is more 'talking'and less 'shouting'. It lets you takerelationships up a notch and keepthem! Leads generated from clickto call campaigns are12-15 times more likely toconvert than leadsgenerated from websiteforms CLICK-TO-CALL Increase Revenues Connect With Customers Click-to-map Users can use their devices' GPSto locate your business andinstantly get directions, withouthaving to manually input youraddress. Mobile marketing This lets users sign up formarketing lists and loyaltyprograms while enablingbusinesses to easily launchlocation-based text-messagemarketing and email marketingcampaigns. Smartphone Users In SG & Worldwide How diffcult for websites to be page 1 google Mobile App V.S Website Advertising Programs MOBILEAPPSFORCE MOBILEAPPSFORCE Google has confirmed that they use approximately 200 ranking signals in their algorithm. Here are some of the signals: 1)Recency Of Content Updates Content with more wordscan cover a wider breathand are likely preferred toshorter superficial articles. An exact match of a searcher'skeyword in a page's content willgenerally rank better than the samekeyword phrase in a different order. Favor recently updated content,especially for time-sensitivesearches. Google even shows thedate of a page's last update. 2)Content Length 3)Keyword Word Order Leverage On MOBILE Apps To Increase Sales & Brand Awarness *FB Fans*
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