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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Maryland Montgomery County 1940's to 2015 High School students & Staff Background/Facts It was not until 1872 that Maryland law provided for the construction of public schools for black students. However, the Montgomery County School board resisted the construction and maintenance of black schools - a problem that lasted up until the 1940's. In 1954 the federal Supreme Court decided to finally force the state of Maryland and Montgomery County to provide equal education. The Brown vs. Board of Education led to the Supreme Court outlawing segregation in public schools. Not until 1961 was Montgomery County Public Schools considered fully integrated.In 2011-2012 Montgomery County had the highest black graduation rate which was 74%! Segregation in Education Graduation Rate % Drop Out Rate % 1990 2012 Hispanics 35% Whites 8% Blacks 13% Hispanics 13% Whites 5% Blacks 7% 2010-11 2013-14 Whites93.9% Blacks81.3% Asians94.3% Hispanics 75.3% Asians97.0% Whites95.2% Hispanics 80.0% Blacks86.4% Staff and student race % Staff Student - Whites - Blacks - Latinos - Asians 75.7% 12.5% 5.3% 5.0% 33.0% 21.3% 14.3% 26.6% Segregation in Schools Schools used to be segregated because of racism and the thought that whites, blacks, and minorities aren't equal. Why and how are schools segregated now?The main reason is social and economic disadvantage and differences. These include poverty, host ofassociated conditions, etc. People have persuadedthemselves that the residential isolation of low-income black children occurs in practice but it is not government-ordained. We think it is an accidentof economic circumstances and personal preference. Residential isolation is a huge problem and a big reason why some schools have higher white populationsand other schools have higher minority populations. Funding in schools In the 19th Century many schools were one-room affairs but white schools were given the funds to rebuild and expandbut black schools were neglected. Blacks often usedhand-me-down textbooks and supplies that were deemed no longer fit for use by white children. Teachers at coloredschools received salaries far lower than those of white schools.Black schools were also often closed early and classes were suspended and staff wages were halted while white schools oftenattended school for a whole nine months. Currently students are required to attend a certain amount of school and if they fail to do so they get in trouble. Also mostschools are open for the same amount of time. EQUALITY!! Max Newnam
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