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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Should College Football Players Be Paid? It is indisputable that college football players invest a lot of their time into their sport. Many student-athletes believe they should be compensated for all of their hard work. PROS (Why they should be paid) CONS (Why they should not be paid) 1. Many student-athletes are already receiving a large scholarship. (Molly Block) - According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association website, scholarships granted to student athletes cover tuition, fees, room, board and textbooks. Even if it is only a partial scholarship, student-athletes have a financial advantage over the average student. (Molly Block) 2. The talent in D1 universities would increase, while the talent in D2 and D3 universities would decrease. (Molly Block) - If universities paid college athletes, it would make the disparity between large and small university athletic teams even greater. For example, larger universities would be able to "buy out" their players in order to have a better team. (Molly Block)3. Being able to play football in college is a privilege, and should not be considered a job. (Murphy, 2014) - College athletes need to recognize their opportunity as a privilege. Football is a sport, not a chore that you need to be paid for. (Murphy, 2014) 1. Playing football in college consists of practicing for many hours per week which takes away the opportunity to get a job. (Edelman, 2014) - College football players put about 43.3 hours of work per week into practice, games, etc. That is 3.3 hours more than the average american work week. (Edelman)2. Team members of a college football team are helping to advertise their school whether they realize it or not. (Edelman) - Success in college sports is believed to improve the application rates. It is also believed to improve the caliber of admitted students to certain universities. (Edelman)3. The NCAA makes a lot of money using players' names such as jerseys or video games. (Facts on File) - The NCAA and its corporal partners make billions dollars from college athletes. Their names and likenesses are used in merchandise licensed by the NCAA. (Facts on File) As you can see, there are many aspects, both pros and cons, to consider when making the decision whether or not college football players should be paid. In my opinion, college football players should be paid; however, I do not think they will.
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