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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 City Of Mitcham's Values Who isMitcham? What is Unique to Mitcham What DoWe Provide What Mitcham Spends its Money on Wellbeing Accountability Teamwork Innovation Respect By Community Insight Population - 62,902 A larger percentage of persons withBachelor or Higher degrees (31.3% compared to 18.2%) 22% of households earned an income of $2,500 or more per week A larger percentage of persons employed as Professionals (33.1% compared to 21.6%) City of MitchamA Place People Choose To Work Hills Community Brown Hill Creek Walking and riding trails State Heritage - Colonel light Gardens Large amounts of open space Springfield development Collaboration between teams Recognise high performers Communication betwen teams Rubbish collection Road & footpath maintenance Libraries Home and Community Care Trails Development & Management Development Services Community Events We think outside the square Welcome new ideas We think innovatively and focus on creative solutions We are valued and suppported as individuals We are respectful of othersWe are recognised for our positive contributions We encourage career development We are proactive in delivering a healthy and safe work environmentWe provide programs to assist staff wellbeing CustomerDriven Roads & footpaths (blue)Streetscapes & trees (grey)Planning (green)Building (yellow)Waste Management (red)Libraries (brown) We work collaboratively to deliver the best outcomesWe work proactively with our customers We take ownership and deliver upon our promises We do what we say we will We provide staff with the tools and training
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