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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Radical We promote preventative medicine your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] We want to create a cultureof self-management Sustainable MindYou Redefining mental health with innovative programs Who we are in 3 words What we Do CHAMP Registry Study: A study investigating the influence of family history on mental illnessesin collaboration with UCLA Child and Adolescent Mood Disorders Program Mindful Madness:A collaborative event that gathers researchers, students, artists, and philanthropists to address the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and creating an exposure for integrative approaches to mental health MindArts Project:A series of programs that incorporates the arts for a culture of healing that is grounded on both artistic and scientific practice. Programs include a mindfulness-based photography curriculum, an artistic app that teaches mental self-management skills, and a major art exhibition that features works from both the curriculum and the app. Our Partners: Accesible We want to make mental healthcare accessible -UCLA Child and Adolescent Mood Disorders Program-UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine-UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative-UCLA Lab School -UCLA Pediatric Pain Program-UCLArts and Healing-UCLA Semel Neuro-psychiatric Institute Mindfulness Curriculum:A mindfulness-based curriculum that teaches mental self-management skills in public schools to make mental healthcare accessible as possible
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