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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 There are two types of mindsets...that plays an imporant role in our behaviour, relationships,career and in ascpect of life. Fixed Mindset People believe that their personality, intelligence, creative ability are given naturally and cannot be change in anyway. They tend to avoid challenges and give up when individual believe that it is hard to achieve Growth Mindset Creates passion and engagement with learning Able to learn from failures and believe that there will be changes if he/she tries hard How are Growth Mindset Helps Students in Long Term learning? Why PromoteGrowth Mindset? Allows learners to exploretheir learning Brings up students' moitvation Encourage student to define their own stragies of learning while teachers are providing supports at the moment By using growth mindset, it helps students to buildnew connectionswith their learning as well able to apply theirlearning into otherschool works. Students who lends more towards to fixed mindset, are more focused in doubting their abilities rather than focus on thinking ways to solve the challenges. BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT WE WANT STUDENTS TO THINK ABOUT THEMSELVES! An research had conducted that growth mindset, can help students to enhance their learning abilities... (Dweck Carol S., Walton Gregory M., and Cohen Geoffrey L.) What Can Teacher do to Engage students to Growth Mind Set? Establish a growthmindset learning environment Provide useful feedbackson the process of workrather than in overall product Encourage studentsto do self-reflections lessons should be briefat the same time allow students to go depth in learing about the topics Hands on activity Reference Chart from Acidemic Tenactiy figure 5
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