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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Developmental characteristics The Middle School Years Physical Social/emotional Cognitive & Language Developmentalcharacteristics * strength & muscle coordination improve*motor skills*physical health*rapid spurt in height & weight*hormonal changes Red flags *Child walks on his toes all the time*There seems to be something wrong with the childs legs or feet*Child complains of persistent pain or fatigue*Gross Motor skills are regressing*Child is excessively clumsy promote healthy classroom Developmentalcharacteristics Developmentalcharacteristics Red flags Red flags promote healthy classroom promote healthy classroom *Parents can limit television viewing and encourage children to engage in physical play instead*free flow of communication with parents*Join the PTA * Learn School Policies*Provide Extracurricular Support*Observe School Boundaries *Meet with Teachers*Encourage kids to read*Try to build intrinsic motivation *intellectual and language development* reasoning abilities* memory capacities *social skills and interpersonal understanding*moral and ethical development* maintaining close relationships *He is not interested in playing with other children *She has extreme difficulty separating from you*extreme fears that interfere with daily activities *very frustrated by school tasks and assignments*cannot follow the rules of simple games or assignments *does not seem to be able to do his homework
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