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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The First Rate Risso's Dolphin did you know Risso's Dolphnshave white scars that maycome from other Risso's dolphins,squid bites or parasites physicalappearance a Risso's Dolphins length is typicly 10ft and the weight is normally 65lbs. Risso's Dolphins are dark gray with white scarring. scars can come from other Risso's Dolphins, squid bites or parasites. Risso'sDolphins also have aroundedhead. Risso's Dolphin Diet Risso's Dolphins eatsquid, fish, cephalopods,krill, and crustaceans an interesting factis that Risso's Dolphinscan dive up to 1,000ft for about 30 mins before they need air. Risso'sDolphinHabitat FirstRateRisso'sDolphin obviously Risso's Dolphinslive in the ocean! they live inoff shore habitatsall around the world. this type of dolphinshave been found in Newfoundland, Shetlands, Gulf Of Alaska,Cape Horn, Cape Of Good Hope,Australia, and New Zealand. Risso's Dolphin Predators did you know thatthe Risso's Dolphineats mainly at night?also that they spend77% traveling and 5% eating? the estimated numberof Risso's Dolphinsthat live in the wildis 320,000.. this species has beendirectly hunted for meat and oils in Indonesia, Japan, Caribbean andSolomon Islands. this dolphin has riskssuch as pollution, noise,and lack of food . fishing gear is a primary threat toRrisso's Dolphins. small numbers of Risso'sDolphins have been capturedfor public displaysuch as aquariums, andoceanariums
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