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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mexico Canada vs. Life expectancy Major Exports Paper, Aluminum, Aircraft, and Vehicles double click to change this header text! Canada Mexico 77.14 85.24 Vegetables, Electronics, Furniture , Cotton and Coffee If you live in Mexico and you know somemath or any important stuff you can get atleast 30-40 dollars a day. If you do notknow anything you can get paid 5-8 dollars a day. If you live in Canada you can get about 928 dollars a week. Issues in Mexico Issues in Mexico One of the issues in Mexico is the security. Why? Because thedrug dealers are getting the "weed" from the United States and are bringing it into Mexico. The security there also downbecause it will cost a lot of money and time to catch and stopthe drug dealers. Issues in Canada Issues in Canada One of the issues is crime and theft. Why? Because the people who do that stuff, have bigger and harmful stuff. Population 9mill 35.16 mill People in Canada go toschool, that is how wemake money and get a good job. People in Mexico have schools but they don't go to school. They need to gobecause they need to get money.So to make money, you need to get a job. To get a good job,you need to have good education. Climate Mexico: Hot, humid, moist and varies from tropical like weather to desert weather. Canada: Day time in the summeris warm, hot and humid. The climate in the winter is at least -13.
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