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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Megacities -There are 21.2 million people living there. -The life expectancy of females in Mexico is 79 years old and males is 73 years old. Overall it is 76 years. -Mexico Citys buildings are very organised. -They are all set in blocks and are very straight.-It was built near water (river and lake) for food and irrigation. -The challenges that Mexico City is facing are over population, which is the main one, dwindling water supplies and air pollution. -Mexico City was built in the Valley of Mexico, which is highly vulnerable to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. -These two natural disasters cause much destruction to Mexico City. -This also means dry lake beds, and as a result there wouldnt be any farming or fishing for food and money. -Shanghai is Chinas largest city by population.-Shanghai has more than 24 million people. -In 2000 there were 16,737,734 million people. -Since then Shanghai has increasedpopulation by 7,262,266 people. -Shanghais physical layout: skyscrapers and many windy roads. -Lots of train stations underground that go all across Shanghai. -Shanghai has been able to control problems other mega cities are facing. -These include traffic and water pollution. -Shanghai is dealing with water pollution easily becauseit was built next to the ocean and it is looking after the water. A megacity is a big city with ten million or more people. They can be made up of 1 or more cities converging into each other.Urbanisation is when people move from rural areas into urban areas. During 1950 there was 2.5 billion people and now there are 7 billion people. In the future (2100) there will most likely be 11 billion people. So every 10 years there are approximately 1 billion people coming into the world (birth, newly found civilisations etc.)Urbanisation is also when people living in urban areas increase and people living in rural areas decrease.78.84% of the population live in urban areas and 21.16% of people live in rural areas. douShanghai Mexico City: Bad Shanghai: Good
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