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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FRENCH REVOLUTION MEXICAN REVOLUTION vs Declaration of rights and man Racial Equality and Government Policies of church Riots Treaty declared mexico an independent constitutional monarchy but 8 months later became the first mexican republic Unjust Social Class General Estates Representation Riots The person who started the revolution. A respected catholic priest although unconventional. he issued a speech we know as the Grito de Dolores which started the war against the government. Rioted against government with the previous reasoning of unjust social caste system due to spanish rule. Hildago did not believe in a lot of traditional Catholic beliefs such the virgin birth of Christ, celibacy, and the existance of hell. Hildago led a group of milita from village to village on his way to mexico city before destroying villages before he was captured and killed. The Third Estate The leaders of the revolution, they made up 98% of thepopulation. Started revolution with General Estates meetings which led to violence. Although the Third estate made up most of the population they had less then half of the votes in the General Estates. Making it almost impossible for them to pass a law in their favor. The Mexican Revolution and French revolution are similar and diverse in many ways. Miguel Hildago Treaty of Cordoba Nobles and members of the first estate had better benefits then members of the third estate and had to pay less taxes which upset the third estate and was reason for revolt Rioters stormed the Bastille collecting gunpower to use to destroy houses of nobles as they stormed the streets causing mass destruction Declaration of Rights of Man and of Citizen was written with enlightenment ideas in mind, and set a ground basis of rules and rights for every citizen and man.
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