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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mexican Revolution Approximate Amount of Deaths Profirio DiazDiaz was an army office that came to power by a coup.A coup is when a suden ,violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government. diaz stayed in power from 1876 - 1911. Important People Of The Mexican Revolution The Mexican Revolution lasted from November 20,1910 well into the 1930`s. The revolution took place as a movement of middle class protest against Porfirio Diaz Francisco I. Madero Madero was arrested so that he couldnt win the presidential election because diaz had ordered for him to be held in a cell. Madero declared the revolution . The people of mexico joined Madero and helped him to get in office in 1911 . eventually madero was exicuted in 1913. Emiliano Zapata Upset at the fact that diaz had stolen the election , he too also wanted to start a revolution but had no idea how to get things in motion. Zapata was an idealist and knew that mexico had good potential. for example, zapata wanted the poor to have rights to their land and for them to also be treated with the same respect as the farmers and the workers. Approx. 1 million peoples lives ended during the course of these 10 harsh years Where did the revolution take place? Important Battles : Constitutions Signed During the Mexican revolution: During this battle Madero was removed from his presidency and was ordered his exicution. Later General Huera had taken over but he couldnt handle all of the pressure that applied to him from shots being thrown at him from every allie that he could possibly think of . From Emilliano, Alvaro, and Lavranza he couldnt stand a chance. Eventually this all led up to Huerta taking charge and sending his army forces to help and hold his people of Zacatecas down on June of 1914 .By taking that risk this kept Panchos army from defeating Huertas town . Battle of Zacatecas Battle Of Naco The battle of Naco took place in Sonora , Mexico. During the first Naco battle the constitutionalists and the mexican government forces were going head to head. On top of all of the foolishness that was already taking place General Alvaro O. had eventually beat the mexican army down and took over Naco, Sonora.This caused there to be even more conflict . this constitution was the man thing that the leaders that were ahead of making sure that the mexicans had ther rights given to them. the consitution of mexico gives them that freedom that the all were belived to have wrked for for years. The contituiotn of 1917 is celebrated on Februay 17, 1917. This constitution protects the values of the Mexican Revolution and continues to serve the Mexican Republc today. Constitution of 1824 this constitution took over a year tobe formed . although there are pleanty of constitutions that wewre sighned during this revolution the constitution of the 1824 isolates itself from all of the others because this is the only constitution that was the first to have a bill of rights and a judicial system. Constitution of 1917 Today Mexico holds a population density of about 120,286,655 people. They also have an Republic Federated States government. And have the biggest econnomic boarder, but have yet to balance out their economy due to lack of jobs for citizens and poor literacy rates which rises their poverty rates. This constitution took a little over a year to be formed. Although there were pleanty more constitutions signed during this Mexican Revolution, theres something about the Mexican Revolution that isolates it from others , this constitution was the first to have a Bill of Rights and a Judicial system. Mexico Today Takayla JacksonManuelPeriod 6
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