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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Mexican Revolution Hildalgo's revolt turns out being defeated and loses the support of creoles. The Spanish army captures and executes him for leading the rebellion. Miguel Hildalgo wanted to improve the lives of Mexico's poor as well as end slavery. In 1810, he fought alongside Mexicans for their liberty and independence. Jose Morelos Miguel Hildalgo Jose Morelos was another priest that believed in reform. He wished to abolish slavery and create better living conditions like Miguel,but also to give all men the right to vote. As was Miguel, Jose was executed by Spanish forces. Mexico finally is independent and Iturbide is now crowned Emperor Agustin I. Plan de Iguala Plan de Iguala was a plan that Independent Mexico would be a constitutional monarchy which was led by King Ferdinand. This plan involved the catholic church being the only official church in Mexico, equality between the Creoles and the Peninsularies within their rights andbrand new army created called the Army of the Three Guarantees. The plan had support from the people and the priests just because they had hope in the future of Mexico. Since there was such a huge supportive crowd of the Plan de Iguala which resulted Apodaca resigning. A new viceroy was appointed, Juan de O'Donoju, which was the man that was convinced he couldn't handle holding onto Mexico and ended up accepting the Plan de Iguala. Then signing a Treaty of Cobra allowing Mexico's Independence. Colonel Iturbibe King Ferdinand VII Viceroy Apodaca Mexico Today Mexico is now the 14th largest country in world according to the Central Intelligence Agency's World Factbook. Spanish in the most spoken language in Mexico, But even though time still goes on Mexico still has traditional things they still hold up like their foods, art, and religions. Espeacailly Mexico celebrates Independece Day Every year on September 16th. 23,000 Deaths by: Taeshawn Abernathy & Melissa Mandell
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