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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Canadian charter of rights and freedoms Guarantee: The rights and freedoms are guaranteed to canadians and limits can be placed on them only if the limit is needed to maintain freedom and democracy 2(a) Freedom to chose, practice and follow your religion Fundamental Freedoms 2(b) Freedom of speech/ thought belief to express your opinion 2(c) Freedom to organise, participate in peaceful meetings/ gathering. 2(d) Freedom to be part of what you want Democratic rights 3) Every citizen have right to vote in an election and can have a membership if they are qualified. 4(1) No house of commons or legislative assembly continue for longer than five years from the date fixed for them to go. 4(2) if there is a war or something house of commons can be continued by legislative for a long period of time 5) The parliament and the legislative assemblies must get together on a session. And elected members and public have the right to question on regular basis. Mobility Rights 6(1) Every citizen of canada has the right to enter, remain and leave canada 6(2) Every citizen/ resident can live in any province and have a job there 6(3) Social benefit, such as welfare are only for those who have spent time in the province. 6(4) Each province gives reference to local people than the ones who come from another province for getting livelihood/ job. Legal Rights 7) Everyone has the right on their life freedom and security for themselves they cannot be removed unless they have done something wrong 8) Everyone has the right to be secure even if it requires a unreasonable search 9) Everyone has the right not to be putted in jail without a good reason 10) everyone has the right on their arrest and detention but the arrest has to be lawful if its not then they have the right to be released 11) a) the person charged with an offence must be informed the exact charges of accused person b)the trial of accused person must take place with in reasonable time c) a person charged with an offence can not give evidence as a witness.Because this is the right against self incrimination. d) no one is allowed to put someone in the jail until proven guilty or not guilty. 12) Everyone has the right to not to be punished or treated in a bad way. 13) The witness who has given the evidence in the court the statement can be used against them if the witness lied in the court. 14) Any person who has done a crime and does not know the language in which proceeding are done have the right to have assistance. For ex:interpreter 15.(1) Everyone has the right to be equal and not to be discriminated against. 15.(2) It helps disadvantaged groups by special help so they will be able to obtain equality with each other. Official languages of canada 16.(1) English and french are the official languages they are both considered the same in rights and advantages. 16.(2) English and french are the two main languages of New brunswick and they are equal in rights/ status, and advantages and they have to use their language in all institutes. 16(3) to advance the use of english and french nothing in the charter limits the authority to do that 16.2(2) legislative and the government of new brunswick has to keep both languages english and french and also promote them. 16.1(1) English and french speaking communities of new brunswick have equal rights and the government of New brunswick have to promote their duty and protect them. 17.(1) Everyone has the right to either speak english or french to do debates and other talk 18.(1) The statues, records, and journals has to be printed in english or french. 17.(2) Everyone has the right to speak in english or french in any debate s and other talk 18.(2) The statues records and journals of legislature of new brunswick has to be printed in english and french and both versions should be available. 19.(1) Either english or french can be used any person 19.(2) Either english or french can be used by any person in any court of New Brunswick. 20.(1) Any one in canada has the right to communicate in english or french and receive services in english or french. 20.(2) Any member of New Brunswick has the right to communicate and receive services from any office and the legislative. 21) Nothing in section 16 to 20 takes away a right and advantages and it respects the both languages which exist today English and French by the goodness of any rule of constitution of Canada 22) Allows government to offer services in languages other than French or English. 23.(1) If the child's mother tongue is French the child has the right to learn French. 23.(2) The language in which parents were educated for example French the parents have the right for their children to learn french. 23.(3) If one of the child is educated in French the other children have the right to get education in French and if you are taking education in minority language the government has to give money to the students. Minority Language Education Rights Enforcement 24.(1) If your freedom or rights have been violated you can go to a court. 24.(2) If the evidence make the court look bad or the justice system they can get rid of it. General 25) Charter says that nothing in the charter can take away any right of theaboriginal people and no other person has the right to argue on the charter of rights. 26.Any other right in charter can not deny the rights and freedoms that exist today.And the parliament can make/ add more rights to protect the country. 27. The section says that every multicultural group is equal and keep everyone in equality of rights and freedoms and the court should and the government should interrupt in which the multicultural groups get promoted. 28. Guarantees that both men and women have equal rights and they receive equal protection under charter. 29.That charter does not affect any religious creation example religious schools. 30. The charter equally apply to all provinces and territories with in Canada. 31.Nothing in the charter changes the sharing of responsibilities or the distribution of powers between the provincial and federal government. Application of Charter 32.(1) Charter only applies to governments it does not apply to actions of private individuals,businesses or other organization. 32.(2) permitted governments a three year delay in order to allow them to bring their laws into line with the equality rights of section. 33.(1) Federal government and any provincial or territorial government is able to pass laws that take away some rights under this section. 33.(2) Government is able to limit charter rights under this section, it must provide clear reasonsfor limiting these rights and accept full responsibilities. 33.(3) This clause is not used very often and laws that limit charter rights under this section are allowed to operate or a period not greater than five years. 33.(4) Parliament or the legislature involved wishes the law to be exempt from the charter the government must make new declaration under this section. 33.(5) This section cannot be used to overrule certain rights, however, such as the right to vote, minority language, education rights and mobility rights. 34. This means the official name of this part of the constitution (continued in sections 1 to 33 is the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms. e) no one can deny a reasonable bail without a good reason. f) An accused person is suppose to do a trial by jury.when the jury are trying to find out if the person is guilty or not guilty their punishment could for five years or more. g) If the accused has been arrested and wasnot considered a crime according to the law then the accused person cannot be charged h) If the person is tried for a crime and is found innocent that person cannot be charged with the same crime again,but if the person was found guilty and was punished he or she can never be charged or punished for that crime again. I ) if there has been a change in the punishment and the time the crime was done the accused will get benefit for lesser punishment.
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