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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ''Egyptian nightjars are one of the few birds known to thrive in deserts, where their drab feathers blend in perfectly with the arid soil''. ''The tawny frogmouth are related to owls tawny frogmouths are very different birds.They're poor fliers, for one and don't use their talons to catch prey.In fact, they don't even fly to hunt instead, they sit eerily still in trees,letting their prey to come to them''. Jaguars are the only true big cat native to the Americas, a world apart from the other three species: lions, tigers and leopards, all Old World cats. But while jaguars' spots help them hide from some zoogoers, they haven't helped the species escape people in general . ''Baron caterpillars evolved their elaborate shapes and colors for that single purpose: hiding from predators This boosts their odds of becoming common baron butterflies and therefore reproducing''. ''Less than an inch long and studded with coral-like "tubercles," this seahorse has all its evolutionary chipson just two species of gorgonian corals in the Pacific Ocean It blends in so well, though, that it was only discovered by humans after showing up with wild-caught corals in an aquarium''. The Tawny Frogmouth is a different bird the bird hides in trees waiting for its pray to fly by. Direct Indirect The Jaguars are related to the lions, tigers.and leopards. some say they are masters at disguise. The Baron Caterpillars have there own shapes and colors they are also very good at hiding from predators. The Egyptian Nigntjars lives in the desert were they can blend in the best. the coral sea horse lives in the coral to blend in and hind from its predators.
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