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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Megacities megacities are cities with a population of 10million ormore they come into existence from migration and urbanisation. rural urbanisation is when people fromrural areas move to cities. this happens when the city has more pull factorsand the rural area has more push factors Jakarta slums case study 1 JakartaJakarta is in Indonesia it has a population of 10.5 million in Jakarta proper and 25million in the metropolitan area and is full of slums and is very eroded because of many floods. the government spends $1.8 million each year to stop the floodsit I estimated that only 2.7% of Jakarta is not eroded or expected tothere are over 1400 per square km flooding is causing the water to become contaminatedalso in Jakarta traffic is a major fact Jakarta was only expected to be a megacity in 2025so it caught local authorities off guard witch led to people living in slumsand sometimes garbage planner tommy Firman sais if the government doesn't do something soonthe city will descend to chaos. Tokyo is in japan Tokyo is very well managed considering its massive 13 million people in the city proper and over 30 million in thecity metropolitan area it is surprisingly clean because the Japanese follow the rule no litteringit also has clean air because of efficient public transport and the government encourages hybrids for cars the government ha aimed to slash carbon output by 25 %they also want to produce 1000 hectares of green land in ten years the public transport helps control overcrowded streetsthe main strategy to fit this much people in the one city is by building upwards with skyscrapers with small aprtments tokyo
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