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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What are megacities?Megacities are large cities that are usally capital citieswith very large populations. when migrents move from rural areas to cities. LocationJakarta is located in indonesias situatedon the west coast of Jarva. Population Jakarta grew in the 20th centerary from 150 000 to about 28 000 000 in 2010. More people are migranting to Jakarta from all over the country. Statistical facts * There are 13 rivers flowing through Jakarta, the most importent one is Ciliwung.* The indonesian stock exchange and the national monument, tuga Mones are located in Jakarta. Physical layout" Beca " is the main mechical, electrictral and structral engineering sevices. Most of the city is covered in slums. Major Megacities Pressures of the city* traffic congestion* poverty*slums*untidyness*annual flooding*land subsidence*exploitation of groundwater*pollution LocationTokyo city is located on thein southern canto regain. it is nearest to the east by the edogawa river and chiba prefecture PopulationThe population of Tokyo is 13.36 million. Statistical fact* Tokyo is the capital and largest city of Japan.* Five of the top 25 amusement park are in Tokyo.* There are many national parks in Tokyo. Physical layouttransport: Subway, taxi, bike and cars. They have 945 hotels. They Central Park, Times square, Empire state building, statue of Liberty and Central Park Zoo are some of the main attractions. Management strategies *polices on the people and animals
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