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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Why a communist government is good for my city it is easey to have a job My reason I think a communist government if best I believe a communist government is best becausefirstly,a communist government has a equal society. Secondly,even if your family is poor,you can easily earn the moneybecause even ifyou are a cleaner,you will earn the same amount of money earned asbusinessman earns. Thirdly,there are less racism and sexismbecause,everybody is equal.Including all races and genders. Lastly, you are a free personand this is a right for a person.this right includes freedomto hold opinions withoutinterference from other people. sources How the city will use money we will use moneyfor education,food,health care,security,banks,builders,electricity,innovation of electronicsand water. how the laws will be made the laws will be made by thegovernment because the government cares about the city more than anyone else. everyone is equal How the borders will be kept safe The borders will have tall wallsand guards on the inside and out. Immagration The only way in and out of the citywill be pass the immigration department.The immigration departmenthas lots of guards guarding each immigration exitand entrance. The way governments change from one to another, will be by letting the current government chouse out of all citizens who will be the next govrenment. sucsession conclusion I like communist countries because everyone shares everything with each other.And if i was the government, everyone would be safe.
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