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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Flat Panel Monitor and Signage System Request Schedule Service-Scape? Design &Approval Contact Media Servicesx8443, option 1 or Approval by committeemay be needed ifinstalled in a public space Client receivesdesign and quotewithin 3 weeksof request Media Services will schedule a sitevisit within 3 days from requestto examine possibilities Site Visit Assessment of needsand possibilities Procurement Facilities andTelecomm WO's Install Electricaland Data Order Arrival andProcessing TV and SystemInstallation Training Once Approved,order will be sent toProcurement within 3 days of approval Work Orders submitted forElectrical and Dataon client's behalf upon ordering equipment Facilities and Telecomminstallation of electrical anddata, while awaiting order (which cantake up to a month) Facilities and Media Services will installthe TV mount Media Services will installthe system during the scheduledtime and schedule training ifusers are not available Media Services will train upon completionor schedule a training timethat is convenient for thecustomer Media Services willtake delivery of itemsand schedule installation within1 week of receipt TV MountInstallation Procurement Process Media Services will coordinate communication with Procurement, Facilities, Telecomm and any other necessary groups. Communication will be made to the customer whenever any new information is received (order status, etc.) and Media Services will provide any project updates to the customer every 5 days. The process for requesting, ordering and installing a flat panel monitor or TV system can take up to two months to complete,from request to completion.
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