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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 During the Middle Ages the most favored torture device was the coffin torture. This method involved inserting the victiminside a metal cage approximatelythe size of a human body. The torturerswould also obligate overweight victims into smaller cages; they would be lefthanging on a tree until crows would come and feed on their remains. Medieval Torture Devices This torture device started in 15th CenturyRomania, the victim was forced to siton a sharp and thick pole. When the pole was raised upright the victim was left to slide down the pole.It could take the victims at least 3 days to die using this method. This execution method was favored by Vlad the Impaler. Impalement Vlad the impaler once did this to 20,000people while eating his meal. Exposure double click to change this header text! The exposure torture was very widespread in medieval Europe.The exposure method consistsof exposing a victim to either elements.The victim could be buriedup to his neck letting insects,animals kill him slowly. In some towns there were chains or ropes to quickly restrain someone. In many cases the victim was left to die of thirst and hunger. Coffin Torture Being exposed to the cold. The Medieval Period of the Middle Ages was very violent.Different types of torture were used depending on the victims crime and social status. In the Middle Age torture was seen asa reasonable mean for justiceto get confessions from the victim.
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