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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Australian women Mexican vs average marriage age:mexico- 21Australia-34 family/society Most communitiesare male dominated has never had a female president or head state . education Women can read andwrite better than men Yet they still findit hard toseek or maintaina job due to the country being male-dominated Health it is not uncommon forwomen to die during birth due to the lack or access to medical staff indigenous women especially fae many health challenge dueto lack of education, medical threat and living in poverty family/society Since the 1960's women earnedequal rights with men butthey still continueto carry the responsibilitiesof domestic duties laws such as anti-discriminationand child care support havebeen set in place to make life easier for women when working education Ms Conway the director of the federal governments equal opportunity says more than 50% of university graduates are women and they are amongst the best educated For both men and women 12 yearsof school is compulsory In 2009 the year 12 apparent retention rate for women was 81%comparedwith men which was 71% health women are given the choice of contraceptionor abortion so if they they fall pregnantthey can continue to study or or wait a little before having a child. Australia is ranked number two in HDIand womens life expectancy is 84 compared to men which is 79 Roles of government FaHCSIA helps improve the staus of women in Australia,they follow three main guidelines:1, reducing violence against women2.increasing women's economic security3. ensuring women's equal place in society. they are funded by the department of families housing, community services and indiginous affairs Roles of government The department of public health and theanti-discrimination committeehave had some success in minimising violence against women.Maria Gayton presidentof national institution women says they have hired special agents and are making institutes to "prevent, investigate and prosecutecases against " femicide". Women in Australia are still being payed 17% less than men
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