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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Modern Ancient vs MAYA Astrological influence Still farm corn with the same methods Many men have toplant corn here tomake money Modern day Maya have to deal with war in their native areas,many Mayans are killed in these wars. The war they are fighting Is with loggers who comein and take natural resources for money Ancient Maya had stone plazas,temples,pyramids, terraces, Etc. The Mayans played a sportwhere they would use their hips to pass to the other team. Sometimes the winners wouldget sacrificed to the gods. Torn between the ancient and the modern world, the Mayans are the poorest in theirarea, Central America The mayans had a pantheon,an ancient book that named all of their gods, but due to time, the book has beengone, and only half the gods areleft. They face lack of modern technology, Including healthcare,discrimination, and loss of their native language. The Mayans were freeto use the natural resources the area provided, such as plants and animals, butdidn't take advantage of it The ancient Mayans had a lot more festivals than theydo today. They had one every 20 days, Many modern Maya have to immigrate to North America because of war Although the Mayans wereisolated from Western influence, they were very technologically advancedfor the time period, theywere somewhat happy. Mayans still make craftslike their ancestors Although it is not as alive,many people still speak the over 30,000 Maya languages. by Aiden Forbes, Jacob Ben Shmueland Shane Gele
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