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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Environmental Footprint Ecological It would take 4.5 earth'sto support everyone if everyone all lived like me. If I got a car with bettermileage, reduced my eating from bad to good,and recycled more I could reduce my earth usage to 3.6. Breakdown of Resource Use Services 44% Food16% Goods29% 8%Shelter Mobility 3% It would take 20.1 global acres to support my life style. If I did all the same stuff as my last example I could reduce my global acres to 16.1. Carbon I put out around 11 tons of CO2 into the air. That is more than the average American, 27 tons, but more than the average person on earth, 5 tons.If I were to eat more organic food and recycle moreI could reduce my CO2 use to 7.1 tons Driving & Flying43.5% Home Energy36.8% Recycling & Waste4.4% Food & Diet15.3% Average American Carbon Breakdown My Carbon Breakdown Home Energy46.6% Food & Diet36.5% Driving & Flying8.5% Recycling & Waste8.4% Water Currently I use more water than average for energy and for your stuff. 83 gallons a day in my house, 806 gallons a day on diet, 1,146 gallons a day on energy, 339 gallons a day on stuff. I use 2,374 gallons a water a day, which is more than the average American which is 2,088. To helpreduce my impact, I pledge to use even less water in one or more areasof your daily life, like take shorter showers, get a car with better mph, andbuy less new things. energy48% diet34% stuff14% house3%. Breakdown of Water Use This project has taught me I need to think about my actionsnow because they will impact the environment now so I need tostart recycling more, eating less, and using less water. Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved.It deserves to be a huge priority. -Bill Gates Reflection
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