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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Life cycle of a attack on titan sword Raw Materials The raw materials of the attack on titan swordare Styrofoam and it is used to craft the white foam.also paper is another material and it is used to makethe sheets of white foam board. Another material wouldbe steel and it is used to make a exact o knife.Another material would be cotton cotton is used to makesand paper. My last material would be pigments and theymake the acrylic paints you need. Materials Processing The iron gets processed into steel by people extracting it from the ground then put into special furnaces where it is smelted into steel.Paper gets processed from a tree because the tree gets cut down then ground into pulp which they then heat and cool to make paper.Pigments are processed by sticks being burned to ashes and thats howyou get a black pigment or by dyes. Cotton is processed by growing out of the ground and getting picked and de seeded to get the cotton.Styrofoam is processed by starting out as a plastic pellet that gets heatedand cooled to make it a styrofoam board and the pellet can expand to over 1million times its own size. Manufacturing To manufacture a attack on titan sword you would probably wanta reference so get a picture of onenext cut out the outline of the paper handle you've drawn and place your piece of foam boardand trace around it, draw in blade dimensions.using a exact o knife cut the blade and handle out.and use the sandpaper to sand down the edges.use your paper of the handle details and startcutting out the major hand details. Then starthot gluing the peaces on the sheet. Then trace out a shape like a curved bone then cut it carefully and put it a bit over the handle. Usingthe paint make slight details that make the blade lookgood. Once everything is dry add the rest of the details. Transportation It gets shiped to you by boat and can find this product in ebay kijijiand amazon. the price range is $11.50-$23.74. Disposal It is not reused because afterit is glued together it is almostimpossible to break.The partsof the sword that can be recycledare the cardboard and the paperIt is dispossed by putting the sword in the landfill.
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