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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 U.S. States With Modified Maternity Leave Practices Has own Paid Family Leave insurance. Requires public sector employers to comply to FMLA and include employees who have worked for an employer for at least 12 months with 1250 hrs of service during the 12 months prior to leave. Any public or private employees with at least 1000 hours of service with an employer during 12 months prior to leave. Up to 16 weeks family leave. Up to 16 weeks in 2 years. Only state to require paid sick leave for private sector employers. All employers with 50 or more employees. Has own paid leave payment program. Applies to all employers and any employee who is a parent or guardian. Has paid provisions that all employers can opt into providing 4 weeks paid leave and up to 30 weeks for worker disability. Private employers with 15 or moreemployees; all state employers, and local governments with 25 or more employees. All employers with 10 or more employees for leaves associated with a new child or adoption. Up to 24 hours/yr leave to participate in children's educational activities or family to medical appointments. All employers with 21 or more employees. Permits employees to use personal sick leave benefits to care for an ill or injured child. Employers who employ at least 50 individuals including any state government entity. All employers. Employees whohave worked for an employer for 6 consecutive months and whoseweekly hours averaged at least 1/2of a full-time equivalent position. Applies to all employers. Private employers with 100 or more. Employees who haveworked for 6 consecutive months. Applies to all employers. Has own Family Care Act, allowing workers paid sick leave or other paid time off to use to care for a sick child or family member. All employers with 25 or moreemployees. Employees who have worked at least 25 hours per week in the past 180 days.
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