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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Over 50% of students use laptops in classesCommon distractions include email, chat, news, papers, Facebook, Trunk, spreadsheetsHowever, Fletcher's Strategic Plan is to be technology forward, not backward Laptop Use at Fletcher: Student Voices * Student discussions on this topic reveal that the more they talk to each other the more they are likely to change behavior* Encourage a "classroom etiquette" talk during orientation where students can understand each other's learning habits and modify their own* Early thinking on this topic will encourage better learning practices and classroom behavior PROS FINDING THE BALANCE CONS Laptop users should sit in the backProfessors should make expectations clear on the first day of classes and enforce them Upload lectures first and relevant notes later so students are not takingevery word downLectures should be more interactiveAsk to turn Wi-Fi offRecord lectures(make available if present in class) Students are inevitably distracted byFacebook,email etc. (their action and/or their neighbor's) Those without laptops tend to be more engaged (classroom dynamics) Fast note-takingNotes easy to organize and shareUseful for non-native speakersAbility to look up further information in classLess print impact Some classes require use of spreadsheetsEasy to take notes on uploaded presentation slidesElectronic notes conserved for a longer time Behavior may appear disrespectful to professors,student presentations and guest lecturers
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