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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Gemma O'Hara, Janine Kannegaard, Jennifer Lee & Marc Pitman Adrian Loughrey, Margot Roose, Paulletta Kooning, Preben Sperling Nolawi Ghebre, Rob O'Neil, Sheena Lawlor & Terri Molloy Marketing Sales Marketing activities: In 2014... we generated leads 17,395 and enrolled students (and rising!) 1,907 The busiest month in 2014 for Hibernia College wasJanuary, when we generatedover leads...the busiest for HCUK was March when we created leads Since August, the start of the 2014/15 academic year... We have generated leads from online activities including search, Google Ads, Social Media and email campaigns from offline activities includingdirect mail, tradeshows, open days,webinars and print adverts This online & offline campaign led to almost double the number of people attending an Open Day. of them then went on to enrol Initital Teacher Trainingpre-ITT SKE Straight to TeachingHDAPE/ PME PrimaryPDE/PME Post PrimaryMATLMSc Pharma. Med.MSc Reg. Sci. 8 months2 months4.5 months9 months9 months6 months5.5 months11 months On averageHow long does it take to enrol someone? The campaign aimed to promote HCUK's various routes into teaching generating leads and new 'Likes' on the HCUK Facebook page Social Media channels 10,253 page likes 1,814 followers 747 followers 42,560 views Collateral Direct Mail Email marketing Events / open days Online advertising PR Print advertising Social Media Webinars Websites (x2) 4,350 Since August 2014 our Facebook posts have been seen 100,713 times and have had 9,423 likes, comments or shares.We've sent 310 tweets and gained 107 followers.Our social media channels have generated 637 leads since August 2014! 6,26 4,976 2,000 1,027 Who's who? 55% 69 68 Open Days 'Fish advert' Some of our campaigns... Sales & Marketing Thanks for reading!
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