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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Posters and Bulletin Boards A-Frames Make free postersfor your event in theCreative Zone in SLP 302. Blue Buzz Get your flyer approved inSLP 301 to post on the kiosksaround campus. Get your flyer approved in SLP 301to post on the bulletinboards in the UC/SLP. Rent A-Frames freein the Creative Zoneand place your posters all around campus. MyPostings Post, Tweet, and Create Events through varioussocial media outlets. Post your event on By posting to your event on mypostings your event will be includedin the weekly event email sent out to the entire campus. MARKETING Print Social Media Residential Halls Consider utilizing more digital marketing and BE BLUE & GO GREEN!For more info, contact Email your flyer to for approval and then further instructions will be provided to you. Electronic Postings/Signage Are you planning an event? Here are some options to help you get the word out through various print and digital media sources. Go to to market your events throughoutthe USD website. Kiosks Mass Email Mobile Send push and proximity notificationsto smartphones To post on the UC/SLP Displays go To post on the University marquees send your information to Digital Send mass emails, track open rates, send reminder messages, etc. in the CRM
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