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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Step 1: Sate the situation Step 3: Weigh the possible outcomes Step 5: Make a decision and act Step 4: Consider your values Step 2: List your options Step 6; Evaluate your decisions Get the 'Big picture" try your best to understand your situation. who else is involved? What are all your possible choices? Choose only options that are safe. Write options down. Ask for advice. What are the consequences or results of your choice? How does this affect you & those around you? What is important to you? What are your beliefs? What is right and what is wrong? Choose the option that seems best. Take action and do not procrastinate. Doing "nothing" can actually be a choice!! Evaluate,asses,judge, or rate your decision. Be honest with yourself. This can help make better decisions in the future. Take a deep breath & relax- We have better judgement and make smarter decisions when we are calm relaxed. Dont make an important decision when you are too anxious or angry- We cannot think clearly if we are too stressed out.Put off making major decisions until you are calm enough. Get help if you need it!Talk to others about your decision- Asking for your help is not a sign of weakness or stupidity.Asking for advice is a sign of maturity and wisdom. Get the facts!!- Gather the information you need before you decide? Lack of knowledge often leads to poor decisions. Bad decision?Learn from the process- Dont make the same bad decisions over and over! Accept Responsibility- You must deal with all the consequences of your decisions...both the good & the bad!! Dont blame others for your decisions you make.
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