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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Friends Marion Harris Ads Sources New in the 1920s Information Oh, my new recordingis quite hotsy-totsy. Lots of myfriends enjoy hearing me on theradio. I think I might be carring a torch forsomebody. He's just the bees knees! =) I had a preformance at a joint last night.There were a lot of hoofers, I bet their dogs gettired. Robert Williams and I got into a slight argumentover him complimenting a girl on her gams. It's a big day for me and Robert!1 year anniversary! As a gift we went outto a joint and had a great time. I was out at the store today and thisman came up to meand called me keen. I was taken aback,but I still loved the compliment. Robert Wiliams Marion Harris Jr. I saw a drugstore cowboy when Iwas riding around in my jalopy today.He looked hard boiled so I drove the other way. I can't belive what I caught Robert doing!He was hanging out at a Gin Mill! Marion Harris was a singer in the 1920sShe often sang on the radio and wasmistaken for a colored singer because of her loud voicewhen singing the jazz she loved. Marion Harris (born Mary Ellen Harrison)recoreded her first major title in 1916.She continued to record songs into the 1920s when she became famous. She made many jazz songs very popularthrough her covers. Marion's first husband was a famousactor named Robert Williams. With himshe had one daughter (Who later grew up to sing with the stage name ofMarion Harris Jr.) which Marion kept inthe divorce. Her second husband wasRush Bissell Hughes. They were soon divorced after he was accused of attacking a 16 year old choir girl.They had one son which Marion keptin the divorce. Marion then went and preformedin London. There she married hertheatrical agent Leonard Urry. Shethen died in a hotel fire. She wentto bed with a lit cigarette and the bedcaught fire.
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