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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Marijuana has recently been legalized in 15 states with the intention of medical use. But it is still used for recreational use, it is best for marijuana users whether for medical use or recreational use, to take a moment to know the harmful effects of marijuana. Marijuana Your lungs and heart Medical uses of marijuana The difference between smoking and eating marijuana Even though there are harmful effects, the first intentional purpose of it being used as medicine still remains. Marijuana can relieve extreme pain,In a way allowing the body to function, and also help against nausea. Some good news about marijuana use is that according to the federal, marijuana use has decreasedamong teens thanks to the current regulations. The THC from the marijuana enters the brain and attaches to the receptors and gives that high feeling, but it also affects your emotions, your focus, and the way you see reality. Marijuana increases your heart rate after smoking due to the THC entering the the blood stream,it will also cause your lungs to relax a little, also making your heart work harder, and of course there is the risk of lung cancer. A good fact about marijuana and teen use The brain When I mean the difference between eating and smoking marijuanaI mean the effects. When you smoke marijuana, the effects are immedeat,You will get high because the smoke enters through your body and enters the blood stream with no problem, however when you eat it by mixing it in something like cookies, you have to wait for it to digest to get the feeling, so don't a eat bunch of the cookies because you don't feel that high feeling or the effects may be worse than when you smoke it. Conclussion So in conclussion, while I do wish to enlighten you about the negative effects.I wish for you to keep in mind there are good uses,but to also know that recreational use is not good for youor your body and that marijuana should only be used for the intentionit was made for, which is medical use.
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