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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WHY GO WASTE FREE? KAITIAKITANGA MANAAKITANGA Bulk purchasing, repurposing, composting, maara kai,borrowing, repairing, recycling, all save marae a LOT of money, and help ourpeople grow money-savinghabits for their homes Feeding ourselves and our manuhiri fresh, HEALTHY kai that we have grown shows thatwe truly care about wellbeing Running our marae in a way that cares for Papatuanuku, Tangaroa, Ranginui me o ratou tamariki means thatwe are walking the talk ofthe paepae. Te amorangi ki mua, Te hapai o ki muri plastic bottles! DITCH Offering our manuhiri sugary drinks that are linked to tooth decay, obesity and diabetesis NOT manaakitanga.Wai maori in glass jugs, flavoured with herbal tea, fresh berries, mint, lemon or kawakawa are healthier, waste-free alternatives. Reduce Clingfilm Cling film is NOT recyclable.- Try stretchy or beeswax reusable bowl covers.- Invest in reusable containers with lids. BULK BUY - Cleaning products- Flour, sugar, oil- Coffee, tea, milk powder feed your poaka! Repurpose your leftovers * Left over toast can become breadcrumbs, or croutons for salad* Left over porridge can become oatmeal cookies, muffins, or cake* Left over vegetables can become fritters, croquettes, or soup kaingia te kai a nga tipuna PAORAMIRAKA PARAOA GET YOUR MAARA ON! - Compost your organic waste- Replace salt with herbs- NEVER be caught short!- Make yummy curries, salads, quiches, and vege bakes all from the maara! maara ngahere moana the non-plastic maori PUPURI MONI ASK THEEXPERTS Check out for more advice HUKA OTI KANGA RERE
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