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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Setting: The setting begins in laurelton,Rhode Island and then later switches to Miami, Florida. Plot: Mara discovers that she has a special abilty to kill people. she begins to hallucinate and sees her dead friends.She then meets Noah who also has powers of his own much like Mara.Noah offers to help Mara control her powersand falls in love with her while helping her.Mara's brother is kidnapped by who her and Noah believe to be is the man her father is represnting in court.She then strikes again and harms her father. when she decided toturn her self into the police and sees her dead ex boy friend. Conflict: The conflict is when Mara isjust beginning to discover who she is.As well as Noah and Mara discovering that they both have powers. Charaterization: "The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer" by ; Michelle Hodkin Mara:The main character and the narrator.She is sixteen and discovered that she has powers to kill with her mind Noah:Noah is Mara's boy friend.He joins her journey in discovering who she is.He is her bad boy.Daring and troubled.Daniel Dyer: He is Mara's older brother.He is caring and supportive of Mara.Marcus and Indi Dyer: Mara's parents that love and care for her. Theme: Do not judge a perosn based on the looks because what they look like does not always match what they are truly like on the inside.The reason that this is the theme is beacuase although Mara and Noah look normal they are not because they both have special gifts. Mara can kill people with her mind while Noah can heal the injured.Noah comes off as a bad boy and popular but his life as home is not the best he does not see his parents often they are always busy.Where as Mara hides her problems (disorder).So oevr all this means that not everything is what itappears to be. Tone: The tone in the novel is mysterious.It is mysterious because of all the undiscovered things that go on with the other characters.For example the powers ofNoah and Mara that go undiscovered to all the other characters.
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