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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 20B Manatee Facts Manatee Facts Tolima 4% Otrosdepartamentos23% Valle 23% PROBLABLE West African Three different types of Manatees Manatees are an endangered species. They are mammals also referred to as a sea cows. They come up for air every30 seconds when moving quickly or can stay underwater for as long as 20 minutes when resting. Female Manatees give birth every 2-5 years and are pregnant for 12 months. Amazonian West Indian (Trichechus manatus) There are two sub-species. The Florida Manatee and the Antillean Manatee. They are strictly herbivores and canlive in a fresh and salt water mix such as Crystal River. Adult Manatees will live for approximately 60 years in the wild. On average are 9-13 feet long and weigh approximately 1000-1300 pounds. West Indian Manatees migrate and gather in the State of Florida. Approximately 3,000 of themfrom November to March every year.In order to survive the water must beat least 60 degrees Fahrenheit. They eat seagrass, mangrove leaves, and algae. In estuaries lettuce andcabbage are their known favourite foods. They eat 10% of their body weight by grazing for approximately 8 hours a day. (Trichechus inunguis)These Manatees live in the Amazon Basin and South America. They live strictly in fresh water unlike the WestIndian and West African Species. They live for approximately 30 yearsin the wild are approximately 7- 8.5 feet long and weigh as much as 835 pounds. The closest relative to the Manatee is anElephant! THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IS BY HUMANS AND MOTORCRAFT! (Trichechus senegalensis)These Manatees can be foundin the Western region of Africa from Sengal to Mangolia. They are not only herbivores but alsoeat clams, mollusks and fish. An adult will live to approximately 30years and measures 14.6 feetlong and 790 pounds. Baby Manatees are called calves. Manatees are Herbivores!
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