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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ITEM NO. 004 video describing other affects devices have on our lives main idea ITEM NO. 003 impotance of spending time with your family Would you rather be on your device, or spend time with your family? cell owners find themselves checking their phone for messages, alerts, or calls even when they dont notice their phone ringing or vibrating. cell owners have slept with their phone next totheir bed because they wanted to make sure theydidnt miss any calls, text messages, or other updates during the night. A majority (67%) cant go more than one hour without using some sort of digital technology, with 40% not lasting more than 10 minutes. Communication between faculty and students is becoming more social with nearly one in five (18%) students having received materials from their professor via Facebook. 67% 44% 12% There are 6.8 billion people in the world, 4 billion have a device3.5 billion use a toothbrush Family Device 60% 40% cell owners describe their cell phone as something they cant imagine living without. 29% Action research projectwhy we should make a no-electronics day My idea is to get people to spend more time with their family than be on their devices, because people dont realize that life is to short so make the best out of it. My plan is to make one day called No-electronic day.this activity makes people not be on their devices and realize for that day that there are more important things in life and there's so many things to experience in life and you cant do that while youre paying attention to a not so important thing
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