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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 You Want to Be a Makeup Artist You Want to Be a Makeup Artist U.S. CANADA Makep Artists select and apply makeup appropriate with the principles of and the to light, colour human form get the desired look of the director, customer or client's preference. Schools for cosmetology: Schools for cosmetology: Cinema Makeup School located in Los Angeles Emerson College located in Boston College of Makeup Art & Design located in Toronto located in Toronto School of Makeup Art Annual salary ranges Annual salary ranges from to $21, 761 $97, 277 from to $22, 027 $65, 746 Makeup artists usually make an average pay of around $10 per hour but as he/she gains more experience their hourly rate increases up to $40 per hour Makeup artisits' average pay goes up as he/she gains more experience What Makeup Artists Think About Their Job "The cinema makeup artist must always think ten steps ahead, yet be prepared to approach any problem that may arise unexpectedly." Dani Fonseca "You have the most exciting thing as a make-up artist which allows you to express your creativity and to put any crazy idea into practice which i love doing the most!" Karla Powell What are some key traits that you think someone looking to start their own business should have? "Be fearless and enduringly passionate. Nothing happens overnight, it's blood, sweat and tears." Sonia Kashuk
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