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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Madness the many the many of Cause and Effects The main cause to Hamlet's madness was the revenge of his father's death. Hamlet acts mad for his plan to take revenge on Claudius for his father's death. "His madness assumes the burden of his evils andthus achievesremission," (Charles Boyce) explains how in orderfor Hamlet to follow throughwith killing Claudius, he must act crazy. Hamlet thinks Claudius is behind the curtains, so he stabs him. It turns out the person behind the curtain is Polonius. "The bereavement of Hamlet and his consequent mental agony bordering on madness is mirrored in the bereavement of Ophelia and her madness," (Wilson G. Knight) explains that Hamlet's madness ledto Ophelia's madness. Hamlet's madness ofkilling Poloniusled to Ophelia'smadness and suicide She was distraught on her father's death and the factthat her lover, Hamlet, killed him. Hamlet's urge for revengeled him from moral actions into full madness in hopes of killing Claudius. During his quest of revenge, Hamlet goesmad and does not care about murdering others until his revenge of Claudius is completed. "It was the devilof the knowledge of death, which possessesHamlet and drives him from misery and pain to increasing bitterness, cynicism, murder, and madness," (Wilson G. Knight) depicts how evil took overHamlet and madehim do terrible tjings.
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