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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hurricanes The definition of a Hurricane is a tropical cyclone with strong winds and lots of heavy rain Hurricanes mostly form in the Southeast area because of the Ocean and how the states are completely surrounded by the Ocean which makes it an easy place to target and hit. The west coast is mainly hit by hurricanes that form in the Pacific Ocean Southeast how they start to form is over warm water and wind starts coming in and it starts getting forced to go upward and humid air creates the clouds of the storm and light windson the outside steer the storm and let the storm grow. In the Midwest hurricanes happen usually if the hurricane has traveled from the Southeast area and come up to the Midwest. Damage by hurricanes can be very severe or be very small. By that I mean it can cost thousands to billions in damage! When you come back home from an evacuation you may not recognize your home at all from all the damage that the hurricane has done. South West Coast North West Midwest North East In the Northeast area hurricanes can occur a lot here because of the ocean and how close to the land is. Since the water is almost always warm it is easier to have a hurricane occur here or near the land. Hurricanes do not usually happen here you would more likely find them over up in the Southeast. Hurricanes you will more see in the West Coast more than here but every once and while you can see a hurricane. Hurricanes can get so bad that you may have to get evacuated be the mayor or an official person until it is safe to go back to your home.
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