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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 vs PC PC Mac Mac Apple: MacBook or iMac has a operating system with mac iOS andthe company is Apple incPC: Laptop or desktop has a operating system with Window and Microsoft.The company is HP,Toshiba,Dell,Lenovo,Samsung,Acer,Gateway.etc 100% Would last: about 5 years or more Would last: about 3 years or more Mac: If you want a stable,secure computer with a good pre-installed software and don't mind spending the money then a mac is the the computer for you PC: Your on a budget and want a inexpensive ,customizable,good for wide range games then you should get a PC -Get a mac if money is not a concern -Tend to be safer with malware and viruses-Great industrial designs-Better for editing movies,video and graphic Mac -Get a PC if your on a budget-Has better safety-Better for hardcore gamers-Larger variety of hardware to choose from PC The Design Apple has spend a lot of years working on how the product look and PC design depends witch company is making them but they're usually not as pretty as mac but they do have pretty product like dell newest ultrabook. PC has software that is more widely available but there's stillsome program that are Window specific like Microsoft word has better features than the mac version but the Mac also allows Window. The Software Mac trend to be more expensive than PC,Mac can start to 999-2200 dollars but computres that run Window can start to 40-70% cheaper than mac. The Cost PC has better customizable so, gamers trend to prefer PC and you can also boost up you graphic card or even add more memory but mac is not good for gaming but unless you willing to spend a lot of money. Gaming Mac usually has better costumer support like when your mac breaks, You can book a appointment and take it to you local applestore and they will help you out, There's usually no cost but for your PC,They only have a few retail stores but not has nearly as many as Apple. Support PC:6-8 hours Mac:6-12 hours 999-2200 dollarsfor a Mac 200-1300 dollarsfor a Pc By:Melody Borrego
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