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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The difference between how states represented in the House of Representatives and the Senate is that the House of Representatives have people of several states and electors in each state stay for 2 years and for senate has 2 senators from each state and stays for 6 years DONATE The House of Representatives can elect a speaker and other officers and the House only has the power to impeach a federal officer but they can only do this if they think a politician has committed a crime. The Senate can have sole power to try all impeachments if a politician is accused of a crime You need to be 25 years old to be in the House of Representatives You must have been a citizen 7 years to be in the House of Representatives Copyright Delicate Fortress Creations The Legislative Branch Each state has 2 senators You need to be at least 30 to be in the senate You have to be a citizen for at least 9 years tobe in the Senate Two bodies that makeup the congress are Senate and House of Representatives Senate can tax but the Articles of Confederationcannot 2. burrows money from U.S. 3. regulates goods from all around the world 4. established laws of natural and bankruptcy throughout U.S. 6. provides punishment for counterfeiting 5. regulates money and the value of it 1. establish post offices 18 powers of Congress 9. Can declare war 11. to provide and maintaina navy 10. to raise and support armies but for no longer than 2 years 8. Has a decision in the supreme court 12. to provide militia, to execute the laws of the union, and protect against invasions. 7. copy right 13. acceptance of congress become the government of the U.S. 14. all laws are necessary and proper and all other powers vested by the constitution Conflicts I think #18 will cause people might get upset and not agree with some of the laws No state can enter into anything without contracts First two powers denied No state shall without consent of the congress do any duties on imports or exports except when absolutely necessary
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