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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Brief History CULTURAL IMPACTS COMPANY WORTH:95 billion U.S dollarsTOTAL RESTAURANTS:Word wide: 35,429SERVES:70 million people a dayEMPLOYED:440,000 people HOW DOES MCDONALDS AFFECT THE WORLD? NEGATIVE CHANGE!!! Mcdonalds Originally opened as ahamburger outlet ownedby the Mcdonald Brothers.In 1954, The outlet was purchased by a milkshake salesman named Ray Kroc.Kroc began to spread the franchise, opening over 200restuarants in 1960. Mcdonalds Today INCOMEPERYEAR: . 96.91 B FACTS!!! Mcdonalds feed 68 millionpeople everydayMcdonalds is the world largest distributor of toysMcdonalds Golden Arches arerecognised by more people thanthe Cross Culturally Socially Economically Environmentally SOCIAL IMPACTS Affects people around the world?Certainly, Mcdonalds is invovled withplenty of other countriesProblems:-Scandals, accused of usingtainted meat in China, closurein Russia due to sanitary violations-Trade, beef is imported from5 different countries meaningthe beef is made up oftens of 1000's of different cattle ECONOMIC IMPACTS Does Macca's affect the economy?Yes!Why?- Employees in developing countriesare paid significantly less,causing large somes of peopleto fall below the poverty line- Mcdonalds exploits employees as they are seen as cheap labour ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS Changes traditional ways of life?Definately, Mcdonalds encourages thereplacement of traditional normswith those of U.S.A norms e.g replacing cultural norms withU.S.A normsThis:- Permanently alters culture and traditione.g encourages Americanization- Influences lifestylee.g clothing, films, music, food-Encourages individual celebration WASTE!!-Mcdonalds produces enormousamounts of rubbish- Factories release gases and smoke into the atmosphere- Methan from cattle used on private farms= global warmingDESTRUCTION!-Local habitats are overriden withlitter-Water ways full of packaging litter-Amazon, trees cut down to makefarmland-Rainforests completely removedand replaced by farms-Land after farm use may neverregenerate
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