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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Guns That Have Changed America Spencer Repeating Rifle/Carbine: Josh Martinez & Kyle Fries M4A1 Carbine: Cost: $1,250Weight: 7.5lbsLength: 29.75in(stock retracted) 33in(stock extended)Rate of Fire: 700-950 rounds/minMag. Capacity: 30 rounds(normal clip)Range: 500mCaliber: .223Firing Mechanism: Gas operated, rotating bolt. Ever since guns have been made, they have changed the face and outcomes of battle. Here we have taken the two most common guns from each war, the Civil War and the Afghanistan War. The two guns that changed the outcome of the wars were/are the Spencer Repeating Rifle, and the M4A1 Carbine.The eight statistics that are being looked at are cost, weight, length, rate of fire, magazine Capacity, the range, caliber of the bullet, and thefiring mechanism of each gun. Soldier's Reciews: Soldier's Reviews: Cost: Rifle($40), Carbine($25)Weight: Rifle(10lbs), Carbine(8.5lbs)Length: Rifle(47in), Carbine(39in)Rate of Fire: 14 shots/min(Both)Mag. Capacity: 7(Both)Range: 500yds(Both)Caliber: .52(Both)Firing Mechanism: Lever Action(Both) "One if the most original and respected units of civil war was the Mid-western Bridge... with men armed with revolutionarySpencer Repeating Rifles" --Anonymous Soldier from the Civil War"The most noted gun of the time was the Spencer Repeating Rifle,which fired a magazine of 17 cartridges and could be reloadedin a half a minute time..." --Fred A. Shannon "Designed specifically for the U.S. Special Operation Forces,it is likewise the primary weapon of the MARSOC Marines. Itssighting system containing dual apertures... allowing to engage targets at 0-200m or 500-600m. The selected fire controls for the M4A1 have eliminated the three round burstof the M16, replacing it with safe semi-auto and full-auto firemaking the gun more of a threat and easier to use." --U.S. Marine Corps Special Ops Commander Fred Pushies As war waged and people continued to die, new weapons began to hit the elite soldiers of the Union. One of these changing wea-pons in the war was the Spencer Repeating Rifle. The Spencer Rifle was one of the deadliest rifles used in the Civil War.It was such a superior rifle for the things that set it apart from other riflesand that was the reload time it had. The rifles that were used by the Confederates were no match for the Unions special rifles. The rifle was so dominant that the infantry that specialized with this weapon was know as the "Lightning Brigade". The new modern era has started a new kind of warfare, a kind that is advanced in all faces of war. Guns that have evolved through previous models, such as the M4A1, have been much used by the U.S. Military.It is a much depended weapon of choice by U.S. Special Forces, it is used to target insurgents in battle grounds such as Afghanistan and Iraq. The new mechanics in the gun have caused it to be so effective in its use.With its Semi or Fully automatic features it is used to eliminate targets much quicker, with out having to reload or cock after every shot fired. Because of its effectiveness against its enemies it is why it is used by the most elite forces of the U.S. Effects It Had on the War: Since the Spencer Repeatingcould fire a magazine of 17cartridges and could bereloaded in half a minute,soldiers were able to shootmore rounds per minuteallowing them to get morekills to help their side winthe war. Effects It Had on the War: The M4A1 Carbine is being used in Afghanistantoday and is a threat. While the weapon was easyto use the weapon's sighting system allowsthe soldiers to kill enemies as far as 600maway! This influenced the way we killed peoplemaking us a threat.
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