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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lyoness Flow ASK Initial Meeting calcium 290 mg -Referral-Convention/ post When asked What you do say;"I work with a discount APP you can download it FREE and save money onover 40k businesses. For example gas stations, local restaurants hereand if you travel its accepted in over 47 countries". They respond. (oh cool whats it called etc.)Now say "check it out". Take out cell and show whats near. Say "You look like a great person to know" Ask and be all about them! THEY WILL ASK YOU WHAT YOU DO! -What goals/wants they have-What they like to learn about-Their Family Then offer any tips you have Ask About TALK TO STRANGERS! Do you want to try it out? (YES/NO)Do you have 2 minutes to sign up because the invitation expires? (YES/NO) NOW MAKE SURE THEY FINISH REGISTEING OR 99% THEY NEVER WILL! Thank Write a thank you for taking a look at the program.Mention your why... Why you love lyoness..."Every Purchase Counts."Shopping directly benefits the Child & Family Foundation.Providing aid to more than 10,500 children, in 18 countries. Scedule In your email arrange a screen share and call.Mention you will briefly show how to shop. Mention it will only take 10 minutes They know how to shop and the value of it.Also make they have downloaded the cash back bar Be Certain! DESICION TIME At the end of the call ask...Now are you ONLY interested in saving money...or are you also intrested in new ways of making money? Remain Shopper -Confirm they have APP, Cashback browserbar and know how to Shop online.Check in and thank them for the support every 2 months. Change Your Future Continue to Lyoness Success Page
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