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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1.Rugs: Rugs are hazardous to the elderly because it is the biggest culprit of falls.They tend to bunch up. To eliminate this hazard would no to use the rug at all. 2. Clutter: Clutter is a hazard because it causes falls. To prevent clutter you need to pick things up and not have many things on the floor. 3. Stairs: Stairs are hazardous for the elderly because the surface is not flat. To eliminate falls due to stairs you should make sure there is no stairs or a way for the elderly to avoid the stairs 4. lighting: Lighting is hazardous for the elderly because if its too dim its easy for them to trip and fall. The lighting can not be too dark because it will create a glare. To prevent falls due to lighting keep lamps and good lighting through the whole house. 5. Pets: Pets are a hazard because they tend to lay in major walk areas. To prevent a fall due to an animal make sure animals are out of the way when the elderly are walking. 6. Sturdy Chairs and tables: This could be hazardous to the elderly because they use them as support. They can cause a fall by the elderly using them for support and the chair not supporting them. To prevent the fall you need to make sure that every chair and table is sturdy. 7. Cords: Cords can be hazardous because they can easily trip someone if they are in the way. To prevent a fall make sure to keep cords out of walk ways. 8. Toilet seats too low: Toilet seats being to low can cause falls because elderly lose strength in there legs and they may not be able to get up from the toilet and fall. To prevent falls you can get something to put on the toilet that makes the toilet not so far down. Top Ten Common Household Hazards & Prevention! 9. Sloping Walkways: Sloping walkways create falls because they are uneven. To prevent falls keep walk ways flat. 10.Cracks: Cracks are hazardous because elderly can trip and fall. To prevent falls fill in cracks or cover them up.
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