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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The first people in both Oceania and the New World were in nomadic communities. The New World Oceania Centralization in Oceania was difficult because geographicbarriers, such as the ocean.The political authority of eachcivilization was a ruling chief. The first civilizations brought heirarchy systems with them. -The Olomecs of Meso-AmericaMajor urban areas came later -TeotihuacanThese cities evolved into independantcity-states that were connected by trade routes -Tikal and Copan (Mayan cities)The city states eventually becamelarge empires centralized under a monarch -Aztecs and Incas The people of both regions were originally hunter gatherers who eventually developed an agiculturebased economy. The people of both regions were originally hunter gatherers who eventually developed an agiculture-based economy. Technology wasintroduced to Oceania by the Europeans. Political Development Specialization of labor brought the rise of social classes.The sweet potato increased the population. The New World Oceania Oceania The New World Semi-Sedentary in 8000 BCE. -CahokiaAgricultural products include squash, sunflowers, artichokes, and corn. stable economy brought by trade centers.Organizled labor: -Mita, Tributeagriculture becomes sophisticated techniques: -Terrace Farming, -Slash and Burn Limitations Both regions evolved from a hunter-gatherer society to an agricultural-based economy. Economic Development Geographically divided by mountains making developement of technology like the wheel much more challenging double click to change this header text! The ocean made oceania themost isolated region, cutting theirdevelpement off fromthe west Both There was no iron working, wheel, written language, or deomesticated animals. The New World and Oceania Mayans, Incas,Aztecs, Toltec Australia, New ZealandPapua New Guniea, Solomon Islands, Hawaiian Islands, Philippines Hannah Turner & Hanna Custard B5
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