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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By Ludjy Masson Santana Types of Goverments Types of Goverments Eurasia Parliamentary SystemTotalitarianism Confideral SystemUnitary System MonarchyRegimeSovereignty Africa Parliamentary SystemRepublicsDemocracyMonarchy Theocracy North America Federal SystemPresidential SystemDemocracyRepublic Legitimacy Australia Federal SystemMonarchyDemocracyLegitimacy Antarctica Anarchy SouthAmerica Presidential SystemDemocracy Governments Governments Sovereignty is a right to have power over a group of people Legitimacy is power given from the permission of the peopleRegime is the ruling system of government Types of Goverments Types of Goverments Governments System Governments System EX:Empires & RulersEX:Presidents EX:King & Queens EX:Great Britain & China EX:Great Britain & China Unitary System is one single independent nationstate where a c