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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Addison's Disease What is it?A disease in which the Adrenal gland does not secret enough cortisol and aldestorone hormones. What glands are involved?: What is aldestrone? The Adrenal Gland, the Adrenal Cortex Zona Glomerulsa- resposnible for secretion of milneralcorteriods(aldestrone)Zona Fasciculata-responsisble for secretion of gluocortoids (cortisol)Zona reticularis-resposnible for the secretion of androgensMedulla- responsible for secretion of epinephrine and no repinephrine The Zona Glomerulsa and Zona Fasciculata are the problem areas in which addison's disease occurs. The Zona Glomerulsa regulates the concentrations of minerals in the body.The Zona Fasciulata regulates the balance of glucose in the body a mineralcortoid steroid responsible for balance of potassium and Sodium ions, the volume of blood and blood pressure How is it produced? How does it attribute to addisons? The renin-angitension-aldesterone pathway is activated by decrease in sodium, dehydration, or low blood pressure or volume.Kidneys create renin, this reacts in the blood stream to create a steroid called angiotension 1.Lungs convert this enzyme using angiotension converting enzyme (ACE), to create angiotension 2 which activates the adrenal gland and causes the secretion of aldestrone. It then secretes sodium and water into the kidneys which allows for blood volume and blood pressure to return to normal. When not enough aldestrone is produced the victim is plagued with loss of body fluids,dehydration(due to imbalance of sodium)blood hypertonicity, hypertension, and low blood pressure and volume.
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