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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GLOBALIZATION FEAT.MIRANDA DROLLINGER GLOBALIZATION FEAT.MIRANDA DROLLINGER Globalization is the process of spreading cultures, goods,traditions, and ideas across the world to share.Globalization affects me because it has changed the world that I live in and has shaped me out of manycenturies of progress and cultural change. The following topics will be tracing the dimensions and forces of Globalization, and their specific effects on my personal life! SOCIAL 10-1 EVIROMENTAL TRANSPORTATION ECONOMIC SOCIAL Since I try to eat more local and organic foodI help decrease the pollution that is given off by transporting goods across the world. All thistransportation of goods across the world has hada profound increase in greenhouse gases in' our atmosphere. Local products take less transportation which helps decrease the release of pollution,and it helps support community's. Being social has been a big part of my identity. I use most popular Social media sites and am connected to daily news and weather reports. This effects my point of view because is influences the what I learn on a daily basisfrom what perspective I learn it from. Transportation is an essential part of my life since I am not able to drive myself anywhere at this age. I use School bus systems to transport me to School every day so that I can get an education. I also rely on transportation to deliver most of my food to local grocery stores so I can buy food and stay healthy. I also have my parents drive me around to events, and in the summerI like to bicycle and skate board. Board Parents drive me School bus Bicycle Walk Being an immigrant in Canada, I do not have the right to vote. However I still have rights and freedoms under the Canadian Charter. I can use these rights to openly express my opinion and help to make changes where I think it needs to be. Canada is an Democracy and free country. I can express myself and do what I want.Canada was not always under democracy,but a monarchy. Globalization drove Britain to claim this land and the people also used globalization to claim a democracy. POLITICAL At my house we try to eat a lot of organicand local food. We try to buy from less popular sources and constantly try new grocerystores. We do this because my brother lived inArgentina for two years, and told us about the failingfarmers there. Now that we are more aware of the situations around the world we are making an effortto support more local sources.But when it comes to goods of furniture or whatever, we tend to just buy the most available thingsthat come a lot from China and India.
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