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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Vote for Louis There is little that can withstand a man who can conquer himself.Louis XIV Vision In his reign he constructed more administration with the middle class.He also incorporated arts into the french culture. He founded the Royal Academy of Music in 1666. Louis the 14th had to be able to strategically plan due to the death of Cardinal Mazarin, when Louis was only 23. This left Louis to run the government alone. The scene has changed. I shall have other principles than those of the late cardinal. You know my wishes gentlemen, it now remains for you to execute them. This shows that when he was left to control the government he planned accordingly so his men could execute his wishes. Able to Strategically Plan Integrity Louis the 14th found it difficult to show integrity through his reign. However in the Dutch war he acquired more land for France. On the other hand in the war of Devolution when the french surrendered he gave the conquered land back to Spain. Louis the 14th was decisive during the French Revolution when he decided to raise the taxes. His government was about to go bankrupt so he had to do what was best for his country. Decisive In his reign the people waited on him hand and foot. He lived in a grand palace called, Versailles. People did everything from dressing him to cooking all of his meals. People would cooperate with him because he promised some better lives. Has the Cooperation of the People Why you should vote for Louis Louis the 14th was a decisive leader and can plan under pressure.With these traits Louis won't let you down. This 2016 election has been a hard run, and though the votes are close, there can only be one lead. This year the candidate with the most votes at the moment is Queen Victoria With her decisiveness, vision, cooperation with the people, courage, and ability to motivate. She excels in planning for the future using these skills, and with be able to make our country a better place. The Election
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